Buy A Mazda Online

Can’t get to your nearest showroom? Do not fret, as at Windsor Motors, we’re proud to offer an online service that allows customers to order their Mazda vehicle of choice online.

If you’d rather skip a test drive and jump straight to ordering a new vehicle, then you’re in luck as our online configuration tool makes it easy to do so. Simply select the model you would like to purchase and pick out your preferred trim level, colour, engine and so on. Once you have configured your chosen vehicle, you can confirm if you’d like to use your current vehicle in part exchange, or whether you’d like a finance plan.

If you’d rather purchase a used car, you can also do this online by looking through our gallery of previously-owned vehicles. If a model catches your eye thanks to its comprehensive description, gallery of photos and warranty information, then simply follow the instructions and you can arrange payment to secure the vehicle.

Once an order has been placed, you just need to simply wait for the vehicle to be delivered to your nearest showroom, or to your home address if you prefer.

If you’d like to find out more on how to order online or if you want any questions about the vehicles, please give us a call today.

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